Custom Made Selenite Wands


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*Wands are all made to order. No one wand will be the exact same* 


Our custom made selenite wands represent and use the element of Air. Air embodies intelligence, thought and our ability to communicate and receive messages. 

At Majestic Intentions, we create each of these wands, by hand, and base the design around the intention you would like this sacred instrument to have. This tool can be used to direct intent in your magic. Your intent uses the power of vision, thought and will...areas that use the element of air.

Your custom made selenite wand can be used to charge your stones or candles. The most important part is to make sure your wand resonates with you! Some people even have a variety of wands, each with their own use. Wands can be used to aid or support communication with your inner self and the spiritual universe. 

Whether you're just starting your collection or you're looking for another piece to help with cleansing, a custom made selenite wand is a must-have for anyone on their spiritual journey.