Chakra Set Bundle

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To celebrate our two year anniversary we have created a chakra set bundle to help you deepen your spirituality & become better aligned with The Source. Each bundle is complete with seven crystals to connect with each chakra. Meditate with them, carry them around with you, and we suggest utilizing a crystal a day for seven days straight. Pay attention to what kind of day you have each time and jot it down in your spiritual journal. Each crystal will attract different vibrations, embrace them. 

Within the bags you will find:

-Smoky Quartz(Root)

-Red Jasper (Sacral)

-Lemon Quartz (Solar Plexus) 

-Green Aventurine, Green Calcite, Amazonite, or Rose Quartz (Heart)

-Sodalite (Throat)

-Amethyst (Third-eye)

-Selenite (Crown)

Limited Supply.